About Me

Let Lily welcome you to the best Tantric and Erotic massage in TORONTO.



Lily - Tantric Massage in Downtown MontrealI am Lily, a drop dead gorgeous 35-year-old lady who simply loves providing Erotic and Tantric massages to my clients. As one of the most sensuous body rub experts in the world, I know exactly how to turn you on the most, while also draining your mind and body of all those little niggling worries and stresses. From the moment you arrive to the point of climax, I ensure that you are always fully calm and relaxed.

When we come together for an unforgettable Tantric massage, we’ll both leave out outside selves at the door. In the intimacy of the massage room, we are free to show our true selves, and give our bodies over to absolute pleasure.  You could say that when you receive a Tantric massage from me, you’re getting a glimpse at the real me.

As a Tantric masseuse, it’s my job to be all woman- I’m a goddess, geisha, and courtesan all at once. I started my own Tantric journey when I had the opportunity to meet two amazing women who acted as my coaches. They opened a whole new horizon for me mentally and sexually- two essential criteria for this job. These two elements of my femininity are in perfect harmony, and there’s nothing I love more than seeing a look of absolute pleasure on my clients’ faces.

When you meet me, you’ll find that I am as exotic and experienced as I am beautiful. I find that many of the men I meet are totally captivated by me, and lose all control of themselves within just minutes. Tantric massage and Lingam massage let you release all your stress, and is an extremely satisfying sexual experience. If you like the sound of that, then Tantra might be just what you have been looking for!

During your session, I will be topless, but I always keep my panties on. That’s because I move around a lot during the massage, and touch your whole body with my hands, breasts, and skin- it’s therefore more hygienic for me to keep my panties on. I’m a natural giver, and it makes me feel so good to satisfy you and do my (hand) job well. So, don’t feel bad or egotistic just because I make my sessions all about you. After all, it’s your session, and you deserve to be treated like a god!

I will awaken all your senses, and help you to discover hidden sensual parts of your body that you might not have even been aware of. As I delicately drag my fingers across your erection, you will get a whole new appreciation of your sexuality. When we finally reach the happy ending, you will experience the kind of orgasm that most men can only dream of, and I just know that you’ll be desperate for more very soon…

According to my experiences, my session is especially suitable if the following applies to you:

  • You have already had a Tantric experience, and are eager for more.
  • You are over 45 years old. I do not arrange the session if you are younger.
  • You do not have any health and skin issues like eczema, fungus, wart and so on.
  • You want to relieve the stresses of your daily life with a mix of a relaxing therapeutic massage and a happy ending.
  • You like the experience of being pampered and worshiped by a beautiful woman.
  • You are a shy person who feels insecure with women- my sessions are a great way to become more familiar and comfortable with women, and not be afraid of even the deepest intimacy.
  • Teasing and denial is one of your sexual fetishes.
  • You are jetlagged, or have been having trouble sleeping recently.
  • You love the feeling of relief that comes with a satisfying handjob.
  • You have a submissive and you like to be passive during the session.
  • You have experienced erectile dysfunction in the past.


If you are interested in meeting me, please carefully read my “Modus Operandi ”  page before sending me an email to arrange a session.