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Tantra: The Art Of Sacred Sexuality!

Tantra Touch: The Path to Intimacy and Ecstasy!


What is Tantra?


Tantric Massage - Independent Masseuse LilyFor many people, there is a real air of mystery around Tantric massage- while it’s certainly sexy, it’s also a little scary. Many people find that Tantric massage is exactly what they have been looking for, but weren’t able to put their desire into words. That’s why I’m going to clear things up a little for you, to help you decide whether or not this session is the thing for you.

In India, many things that we take for granted are held sacred- from cows and water to flowers and even colors. This is an ancient philosophy, and there’s a lot we can learn from old India- they see the holiness in everything. The same thing goes for the penis and vagina– they aren’t just objects of pleasure but are worthy of worship in their own right. Tantra puts this theory into practice. You need to approach a man’s body as a temple, and see his penis as the holiest place of all. Similarly, the vagina must be viewed with the utmost love and respect.


In Tantra, we connect with our partner on a personal level. We also connect with the universal sexual chi or energy that is in our partner’s body as an energetic life force. One way to do this is through Lingam massage and Tantric massage. It’s done with thoughtfulness, respect, care, and desire to bring selfless pleasure to you.

Unlike your average hand job, the lingam massage involves not only massaging and stroking the penis but can also incorporate more advanced techniques, including the testicles, perineum, and the Sacred Spot (aka the prostate) as well.

As you can see, Tantra is a very special form of massage- and luckily for you, I’m a real expert in the subject! I know just how to work your body to make you feel fantastic, and once you’ve experienced Lingam massage for the first time, I just know that you’ll be desperate for more. What makes Tantra different from other massages like Thai or erotic massages is the importance of breathing. It’s a complete body experience that you will never forget!

Tantric Massage - 7 Developmental Centers


 There are so many benefits with Tantra, both during the massage, and in your everyday life. Firstly, it provides a huge rush of energy and hormones that will make you feel more powerful and attractive, and give you the confidence to do things that you would never have otherwise thought possible. People will be naturally drawn to you, and you’ll find that life takes on a whole new glow. Tantric massage helps release the hormone oxytocin, which fills your body with pleasure. After Tantric massage and Lingam massage, you’ll find that life feels so much better!

Nowadays, it seems like we have lost the ability to enjoy things for what they are. At work, at the gym, and yes, in the bedroom, we’re all too eager to jump straight to the end of things. Tantra is all about enjoying the build up– it’s gentle, sensual, and will give you a renewed appreciation of foreplay. When we finally reach the end, you’ll enjoy it even more- this is sure to be a truly mind-blowing experience.

I hope that you now have a bit better understanding of what Tantra is. However, by far the best way to appreciate Tantric massage is to try it out for yourself. Based in downtown Montreal, I’m always excited to meet new clients, and I will treat you and your body with the love, care, and respect it deserves. Get in touch today to discover a whole new world of pleasure…


If you’d like to learn more about Tantra, then I suggest you visit the sites below. I don’t want to put too much info about Tantric massage and Lingam massage on my site, when you can easily find it elsewhere.